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The equity release referral service

Delivering expert, independent, whole of market equity release advice for your clients

Have you got clients who are homeowners aged 55 or over?

Refer them to Key Partnerships and together, through our network of specialist The Equity Release Experts advisers, we can help them make the most of their financial potential by releasing equity from their homes.


Why refer your clients to Key Partnerships?

  • We provide whole-of-market advice, through our specialist The Equity Release Experts advisers
  • With a nationwide network of more than 100 qualified advisers, our advisers can visit your client anywhere in the country or deliver the same quality advice over the phone *
  • No specialist qualifications are needed to refer
  • We take full compliance responsibility for the equity release advice given

    * Please note that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, until further notice all advice will be given over the phone or virtual platforms such as Zoom. Your clients will receive the same expert, whole-of-market service from a fully-qualified specialist The Equity Release Experts adviser.


Protect and grow your business

Homeowners over the age of 55 are using their housing wealth to support their finances in later life. Working with Key Partnerships allows you to refer your clients for equity release advice for the holistic advice they need.

During these challenging times, you may be looking for additional opportunities to help protect your cash flow. At the same time your clients also need help with their finances or could be worried about how their loved ones will cope.

Key Partnerships can help - introducing your clients to equity release can help you to bridge revenue gaps and help your clients explore their financial options.

It’s so simple to refer to us and you don’t need specialist qualifications because we take full compliance responsibility for the equity release advice given.

Oh, and you could earn on average £1,421 for every completed case too.*


How equity release could help your clients

With the lion’s share of most family wealth tied up in their home, your clients aged 55 and over may benefit from exploring their home when looking at their financial options, especially during this challenging time. 

Clients you should look out for:

  • Clients who want to help their family get through uncertainty over a drop in income
  • Clients with debt, struggling to meet monthly payments
  • Clients looking to pay for in-home care
  • Clients who need a boost to their own income

But the benefits of equity release can also go far beyond this. Typically, the money can be used for whatever your client chooses, including:

  • Making home and garden improvements
  • Gifting money to family
  • Going on holiday
  • Purchasing a house

By signing up to refer with us, we can share the tools and support we can offer to help you identify and reach out to those clients who need help.


Basic equity release qualification criteria

To qualify for equity release your clients must:

  • Be aged 55 or over
  • Have a house valued at over £70,000
  • Be UK residents and the house they want to release equity from must be in the UK


It’s so easy to refer

All we need is your client’s name, age and contact details. We do the rest.

We have a network of over 100 independent equity release specialists who will deliver the advice to your clients under The Equity Release Experts brand, and you can rest assured they will be in safe hands. You can be involved in the process as much or as little as you like, taking a back seat, or sitting in on advice appointments.


How to refer

You can submit referrals 24/7 via the Key Partnerships online portal, or contact us on the information below, all we need is your client’s name, address and contact details and we take care of the rest – it’s that simple.

* The average referral payment per completed case in 2020 was £1,421

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