On 1st October 2018 significant changes came into effect regarding ‘Houses classed as Multiple Occupation’ (HMO).

Your landlord clients will need to be prepared and fully understand what these changes are and how these will affect them personally.

The new definition of a HMO is expected to bring an additional 177,000 properties under the HMO rules, meaning they will also need licensing.


Paradigm Guidance

Christine Newell, Mortgages Technical Director, has produced the below fact sheet to give you an introduction to these changes, and offer some initial action points for you to get started on.

HMO factsheet

Download factsheet


Lender Guidance

Please click on the Lender logos to see further content they have produced regarding the HMO changes.




Further Guidance

Guidance for local housing authorities on extending mandatory licensing of houses in multiple occupation - Government website

News article: 'Government publishes key licensing changes to further protect tenants'