Our ambition is to be the best lender to work with

We aim to be the best partner for intermediaries in the mortgage market – but we all know that talk is cheap. So we want you to judge us by our actions. You know the mortgage market better than anyone, and we promise to continue listening to your expert feedback – and acting on it, to make it easier for you to work with us.

Our principles are reflected in some of the significant actions we’ve taken through our 18 years of working with you, such as:

  • Being the first major lender to Introduce proc fees for retention in 2004
  • Not using dual pricing to leave you at a disadvantage in 2008 during the financial crisis
  • Continuously designing innovative products to help you bring value to your clients, like our Family Springboard Mortgage, our Offset mortgage or our Great Escape ranges to name a few


We won’t stand still

Our ambition will drive us to continually improve our end-to-end processes, so we can meet your ever-changing needs. Consider what we’ve delivered to our intermediary partners in the past 12 months.

  • Improved our bonus and affordability allowances and reduced our income multiples several times so clients earning £30k can now access our 5 x income multiples
  • Expanded our intermediary support team, and launched a specialist team to support new-build business
  • Simplified our process for extending a new-build offer
  • Introduced a 0.3% proc fee for further advances, and continued to offer exclusive rates for existing customers though our Reward range


Our proposition

We offer a competitive wide range of highly competitive products, which could help a number of your client’s including:

  • Remortgage
  • Purchase
  • First Time Buyers
  • Landlords
  • Home movers
  • High Net Worth


Our online lending criteria will help you to determine if your client meets our criteria.

Check out our lending criteria at a glance to see if we can help your clients.

Search our residential and Buy to Let criteria for a quick answer:

Buy to Let

Woolwich Mortgages

Proc Fees

Product: Residential and Offset products
Gross: 0.35%
Net: 0.33%
Min: No min
Max: No max
Product: Retention
Gross: 0.20%
Net: 0.18%
Product: Buy To Let
Gross: 0.40%
Net: 0.35%
Min: No min
Max: No max
Product: Further Advance
Gross: 0.30%
Net: 0.28%