About Kent Reliance for Intermediaries

At Kent Reliance for Intermediaries, we specialise in challenging mortgage cases. From poor credit history to complex income structures, our national network of expert, experienced BDMs could help you to find a solution, whatever your client’s circumstances.


How could we help your clients?

We offer a range of residential and buy to let mortgages, designed to help various client needs. Our broader criteria could help clients with the following issues: 

  • Adverse credit history – clients with previous CCJs, defaults or Debt Management Plans
  • Complex income cases – including contractors and self-employed clients
  • Shared ownership – 100% share available
  • Expats – clients who want to buy or let property in the UK while living overseas
  • Large property portfolios – landlords with a large number of properties
  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy – loans on properties with up to 8 bedrooms as standard
  • High value properties – buy to let cases needing large loans. We offer up to £3m as standard
  • Limited company lending – for clients with a SPV on their property or portfolio
  • Multiple units on one freehold – for clients who have converted a property into four or fewer units, without separating the title.


We also specialise in bespoke mortgage solutions. Our expert underwriters judge each case on its own merit, so they can apply broader criteria than the one used by mainstream lenders. So, if you have a client with exceptional needs, we’ll be happy to discuss unusual, niche and tailor-made lending opportunities with you.


Our products and current rates

Please visit our website for more information on our products and criteria.

We’ve also put together some real life examples of how we’ve helped brokers with their challenging cases. Read here for some inspiration on how we might be able to help your clients.


Got a case in mind?

Speak to your local BDM or contact our broker liaison team on 01634 835791.


Kent Reliance

Proc Fees

Product: Residential
Gross: 0.40%
Net: 0.35%
Product: Buy to Let
Gross: 0.50%
Net: 0.45%
Product: Retention products
Gross: 0.30%
Net: 0.27%