If you have never used the lender before:

  • Accord Mortgages

    Register for Accord Mortgages online. You will need to have Paradigm’s bank account details for procuration fee payments; please call Riona Mulherin on 03300 536061 for these details.

  • Aldermore

    Click here to register with Aldermore. You will need your FCA number when registering. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a verification email and will be able to use the services immediately.

  • Barclays

    Register online via their website. Please note it may take up to 6 days before your registration is processed. If you are experiencing difficulties with the registration process, please call 0345 073 3330.

  • Bath Building Society

    Please call Bath Building Society on 01225 475702 to obtain an application form to register with them. If you have any problems or queries, please contact our accounts manager Ben Hutchings: BenHutchings@bibs.co.uk

  • Beverley Building Society

    Register with Beverley Building Society via their website.

  • Bluestone Mortgages

    Complete Bluestone Mortgages simple online registration form and you’ll be set up within 48 hours. Select Paradigm as your submission route on all DIP's and Applications.Call them on 0800 368 1833 or find out more on their website

  • BM Solutions

    For details on how to register for their online Mortgage Portal, visit BM Solution's website

  • Cambridge Building Society

    Intermediaries should register with their online application tool, Cambridge Mortgage Master.

  • Chorley BS

    For details on how to register for Chorley's Online Portal to submit a DIP or Application, please click here.

  • CoventryGodiva

    To start the registration process, please call the Coventry Intermediaries support team on 0800 121 7788. After giving basic company information, you will be sent an email containing a company registration form, and a broker registration form for any individuals looking to also be registered. Please ensure you select Paradigm as a payment route. Once this has been received, you should be contacted within 24 working hours with login details to access their website.

  • Earl Shilton
    Click here

    to register. After registering on this website you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Please click on the link and enter your username, password, and the unique code provided in the email. You will now be registered as a requested user. They will review your request and if approved you will be set to an approved user within 2 working days. Please note a copy of your consumer credit licence is required with your first case.

  • National Counties

    Paradigm payment route is added when the first case is submitted by paper to the Building Society, please remember to write Paradigm as your payment route or stick a red Paradigm sticker onto the front of the case when submitting.

  • Fleet Mortgages

    Register online via their website. Your registration will be confirmed by email within 48 hours. If there are any difficulties with registration please contact Broker Support on 01252 916775.

  • Foundation Home Loans

    Register online via Foundation’s website and list Paradigm as your submission route.

  • Furness for Intermediaries

    Complete the registration form on their website here.

  • Gatehouse Bank

    Please register here. Click ‘Request Access’ and this will then direct you to the online portal to complete the registration. Once received, Gatehouse Bank’s Sales Support Team will contact you when they have activated your account. If you are experiencing difficulties with the registration process, please call 08000 356 544.

  • Halifax

    Join the panel, by clicking here. Following this, you must also register to use the online services here.

  • Hampden & Co

    Hampden & Co work with a limited distribution of DA firms. To discuss potential access please contact Riona.Mulherin@paradigmmortgages.com.

  • Hanley Economic

    Register online here and select Paradigm Mortgage Services from the list of available mortgage clubs.

  • Hinckley & Rugby

    Register online by visiting their website and clicking ‘Register’. If you require any assistance with this, please contact Hinckley and Rugby via 01455 894084.

  • Interbay

    Register online via Interbay’s Broker Portal. Once granted access, select Paradigm as your Mortgage Club in the ‘Source of Business’ section of the application.

  • Ipswich BS

    To register with the Ipswich BS, complete this form here and request Paradigm as your payment route. 

  • Kensington

    Register online via their website. Please have you firm’s details and FCA number to hand in order to complete the process.

  • Kent Reliance

    All brokers should visit the registration page of their website and register to be able to submit business to Kent Reliance. Please submit your FCA Number and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

  • Keystone

    To register with the Keystone BTL, complete this form here and request Paradigm as your payment route. You can return this via email keystonebroker@mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk

  • Landbay

    Visit the Landbay intermediaries site and register details online.

  • Leeds

    Register online via their website. Once on the website, scroll down to Register and follow the instructions.

  • Leek United

    You don’t need to pre-register to submit business to Leek United Building Society, this will be done automatically upon receipt of your first mortgage application.

    If you would like to submit an application online, please visit Leek United’s Intermediaries Online portal, where you will be able to register instantly. 

  • lendinvest

    To register, please visit this page

    and click 'Request Access'. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then fill out the registration details to request access. Remember to select Paradigm as your Mortgage Club during each application; for more details on how to do so, read their guide to selecting a Mortgage club.

  • Live More

    Click here to begin the registration process. Remember to select Paradigm as your payment route in the dropdown box.

  • Mansfield

    To register with Mansfield Building Society, visit their Online Portal Login Page and select ‘Register’. When the next box appears, select ‘New Registration’ if you are the first advisers from your firm to register. If you are aware that colleagues at your firm have already registered then select ‘Adviser to existing Registration’. If you are not sure please contact their Intermediary Sales Support team on 01623 676360  or email brokers@mansfieldbs.co.uk

    During the registration process, please select Paradigm Mortgage Services as your Mortgage Club.

  • Marsden

    You don't need to register with Marsden BS – they’ll recognise if it's your first application and registration will happen automatically at that point. Please remember to mention that you are a Paradigm member.

  • Masthaven

    Register online via their website and you will receive a response within 48 hours. Once setup, login to the broker portal and select ‘My Profile’, then select ‘Add or remove submission routes’ to add Paradigm Mortgage Services to your account. Remember to select Paradigm Mortgage Services as your submission route with each application (step 2).

  • MBS

    You can register with The Melton Group by clicking here – Paradigm Mortgage Services will appear as an option in the mortgage club drop down menu. You will receive a verification email within 4 working hours at which point you will be able to submit business. All MBS Lending applications will however need to be submitted as a paper based application. Visit our website to download our DIP and application forms.

  • MBS

    You can register with The Melton Group by clicking here – Paradigm Mortgage Services will appear as an option in the mortgage club drop down menu. You will receive a verification email within 4 working hours at which point you will be able to login and use their services immediately

  • Metrobank

    To register with Metro Bank, please click here. Metro Bank will then send the relevant documents for registration. Please ensure that you mention that you are a Paradigm member.

  • MT Finance

    Click here to register with MT Finance and you will be set up by your dedicated BDM within 48 hours. Remember to select Paradigm Mortgage Services in the dropdown box. Alternatively, call them on 0203 051 2331 and they will set you up immediately.

  • Nationwide

    You will need to register with MTE before registering for Nationwide – you can do this here. Once you have done so, please wait 2 hours and then you will be able to register for Nationwide here.

  • NatWest Intermediary Solutions

    Register online via the NatWest website and select ‘Register with us’. Once your registration is complete, they will send you a confirmation email and any necessary log-in details.

  • Newbury

    Register for Newbury Building Society on their website, where their Intermediary Helpdesk will confirm your registration within on working day.

  • Newcastle

    Registering with Newcastle Intermediaries is quick and straightforward with just 5 easy steps. They aim to review and process your registration within 2 working hours. Click here to register with them.

  • Nottingham Building Society

    Click here to register online and then complete the form on the right of the page, ensuring that you list Paradigm Mortgage Services as one of your mortgage clubs. To register you will need to agree to their terms and conditions, enter your details and set up your username and password. They will confirm registration within 48 hours of submission.

  • Paragon

    To register with Paragon, click here. If you haven't registered with Paragon before, please complete the form and indicate that Paradigm is your preferred payment route in the box at the end.

  • Pepper Homeloans

    Register with Pepper Money here. The registration process is quick and simple and should take a couple of minutes.

  • Platform

    Register online via their website. They have a helpline number for registrations which is 0345 070 1999 option 1  and then option 4.

  • Precise Mortgages

    Click here to register online with Precise Mortgages.You will need your FCA number and contact details to register – if you are experiencing any difficulties with the registration please call their Enquiry Team on 0800 116 4385.  

    Remember to select Paradigm from the list provided as your route for business.  For more information on how to do this please click here.

  • Principality

    Please complete the attached form and return to brokerpoint@principality.co.uk

  • Progessive

    To place business with the Society for the first time, you must join their Intermediary panel by completing and submitting the form here.

  • Saffron Building Society

    Saffron’s Special Situations and Everyday Situations mortgage range are only available via certain specialist distributors, including one of our Packagers, Brightstar.

    Please note that cases cannot be submitted directly to Saffron. All enquiries and applications should be directed via Brightstar.

  • Santander for Intermediaries

    Please complete the Mortgage Registration Form, download and read the Mortgage Terms of Business. Once completed, please fax the form to 0845 602 3293 or email to msa@santander.co.uk.

    If you are a new adviser to a directly authorised firm, you should complete the Individual Registration form here.

  • Scottish Widows

    You need to complete the attached form and then scan and email it back to Scottish Widows Bank at swb.commissions@scottishwidows.co.uk

  • Skipton

    Please click here to register to submit business.

  • The Mortgage Lender

    Register online via their website.

  • Tipton BS

    Advisers don’t need to pre-register with Tipton BS – the registration process occurs when the first application is submitted. Please remember to mention that you are a Paradigm member.

  • Together

    Register with their online application system, My Broker Venue. Once registered, select Paradigm as an option from a drop down menu.

  • Mortgage Works

    Register online via their website

  • TSB

    TSB work with a limited distribution of DA firms. To discuss potential access please contact Riona.Mulherin@paradigmmortgages.com.

  • Vida Homeloans

    You'll need to register directly with Vida Homeloans by following this link. Please make sure you have details of your FCA number, Company name and address, personal contact details and confirm Paradigm Mortgage Services as your payment route.

  • Virgin Money

    Register online via their website (follow the route 'submitting business', 'Registrations and Amendments')

  • Zephyr Homeloans

    Click here to register. For a guide on how to do so, click here.