With you every step of the way.

At the Skipton 95% of their lending is currently originated via intermediaries and they recognise the vital role you play in today’s complex marketplace.

That’s why their real life lending charter demonstrates Skipton’s commitment to you, their professional partners and underpins the way they work with you.

1. No dual pricing – unless it’s in your favour

Skipton Intermediaries know that dual pricing can be an issue, so they guarantee that your clients will not find a better deal by going to Skipton direct. Furthermore, in recognition of that fact that 95% of their lending is via mortgage professionals – from time to time, they will offer products that are only available through you.

2. They won’t proactively market home or life insurance to your clients

Skipton Intermediaries understand that home and life insurance are incredibly important to you and therefore pledge not to approach your clients with a view to cross-selling these products.

3. Skipton gives you 5 working days to submit pipeline business following a product withdrawal

Having the rug pulled from under you with regards to product withdrawals can be frustrating for you and your clients. With this in mind, Skipton Intermediaries promise that for cases where a KFI has been produced for your client, you will have 5 working days to submit a full mortgage application, following a product withdrawal.

4. They’ll always communicate with you via timely, clear and straight-talking communications

Skipton already strive to be transparent in their communications with intermediaries. This pledge demonstrates their ongoing commitment to ensuring that, as a business, they communicate with you in a clear and straightforward way, treating you, their professional partners, with the respect you deserve.

To help get your case through the Skipton in the best time possible, please follow these guidelines:

  • Signed e-mortgage declaration form
  • Latest pay slip (plus P60 if using bonuses, overtime or commission)
  • If self-employed, latest 2 years' accounts (or latest 2 years' SA302s with latest 1 years' accounts)
  • Evidence of any other income to be used (e.g. tax credit notices, child benefit award - please provide all pages)
  • Latest 1 or 3 months bank statements showing salary credited and commitments (DIP will advise if 1 or 3 months required based upon application score)
  • If the client is living in rented accommodation currently or is a first time buyer please provide evidence of deposit/savings.


Skipton Intermediaries

Proc Fees

Product: Residential
Gross: 0.40%
Net: 0.37%
Min: £100
Max: £4,000 (£3,700 Net)
Product: BTL
Gross: 0.50%
Net: 0.45%
Min: £100
Max: £3,750 (£3,375 Net)
Product: Residential Retention
Gross: 0.30%
Net: 0.28%
Product: BTL Retention
Gross: 0.35%
Net: 0.32%
Product: Shared Ownership
Gross: 0.45%
Net: 0.41%