The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) was implemented on 7 March 2016 in Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions, Large Investments Banks regulated by the PRA and branches of Foreign Banks operating in the UK. The FCA defines the aim of the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), is to reduce harm to consumers and strengthen market integrity by making individuals more accountable for their conduct and competence. Click here to read more on the FCA website.

On 4 July the FCA published this PDF 'Extending the Senior Managers & Certification Regime to FCA firms -  Feedback to CP17/25 and CP17/40, and near-final rules'.  These rules will apply from 9 December 2019 for FCA solo-regulated firmsSolo-regulated firms are regulated by the FCA only. Dual-regulated firms are regulated by the FCA and the PRA. See the new guide from the FCA here.

The FCA have also produced this video which gives an overview of the SMCR and explains the rules and principles of the new regime.

Mortgage Supervisors Course

Paradigm will be looking to host a number of workshops dedicated to supporting Mortgage Supervisors with a particular focus on the implementation of the SMCR. The special training events will be designed by Paradigm's Compliance team, specifically to provide comprehensive and pragmatic regulatory and “Best Practice” guidance for those who supervise mortgage advisers under a Training & Competence plan.
This course will be aimed at firms who want to:

  • Ensure that they are meeting the current regulatory requirements regarding the supervision of mortgage adviser
  • Want to prepare themselves for the implementation of the SMCR

Please read the process below to understand what the course entails and complete the form below to register your interest.

The course is made up of “2 steps, with an additional (optional) 3rd step:


What you need to do

What service you will receive


Step 1

Pre-course assessment

1. Send us your T & C plan (by email)
2. Complete the multiple-choice assessment based on your own T & C plan
3. Complete the multiple-choice assessment on the SMCR proposals training material
4. Complete the file review assessment
5. Complete the online mortgage Fact Find and mortgage Product Presentation observation assessment.
4. Book and attend the SMCR and Mortgage Supervision course

  • All learning material and assessment forms to allow you to complete the pre-course evaluation.


  • You will receive written personalised feedback, to highlight any identified training needs in order to fully prepare you for the SMCR mortgage supervision supervisor course.

£650 VAT if you buy compliance from Paradigm
(£1,000 VAT if you do not buy compliance from Paradigm)

Step 2

“SMRC and mortgage supervisor” Training day

1. Attend and participate in the “SMCR and mortgage supervision course”
2. Up-date your training plan and CPD records
3. Follow the preparation guidance if you wish to continue to step 3.

  • A full day of training around SMCR and mortgage supervision issues
  • A light lunch and refreshments throughout the day is included
  • A copy of the slides and a range of handout material
  • Full preparation for your ‘follow up’ in-house assessment, should you choose to continue to step 3


Step 3

Post course follow up assessment

1. Complete an ‘in-house’ Fact Find and Product Presentation observations and have your evidence and feedback prepared and ready for review
2. Complete an ‘in-house’ file review assessment and have your evidence and feedback prepared and ready for review
3. Prepare for an ‘in-house’121 and KPI review meeting, in preparation for a review to be completed by a Paradigm Business Consultant.

  • Following the in-house assessment, you will be provided with written evidence and feedback to enable your firm to assess you as “competent” supervisor.

£650 VAT if you buy compliance from Paradigm (or swap one of your BC days arranged with Paradigm).
(£1,000 VAT if you do not buy compliance from Paradigm)

What happens next

1.You should maintain your knowledge using training plans and CPD records from updates provided in Target, technical and file review updates.
2. Follow Paradigm guidance on how to construct your own T & C plan following the introduction of the SMCR in summer 2018.
3. Train all staff on the changes to the new T&C plan and SMCR regime.
4. Follow your own T & C plan.

  • We will continue to support your firm as detailed in your service agreement
  • On-going updates will be supplied as normal from Target, file reviews and technical updates, as well as the option to attend future Best Practice events.

£ As arranged


The cost of the course is £650 VAT for the first attendee from a firm if you buy compliance from Paradigm, subsequent places will be charged at £250 VAT.

If you do not buy compliance from Paradigm the cost will be £1,000 VAT.

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