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  • 01 Jan 1970

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(@Paradigm_Mtgs): Coventry for Intermediaries have made changes to eligibility rules on their BTL ICR and reference rates on 5 Year Fixed mortgages. @CoventryBS have increased the total gross income band for 125% ICR from less than £40k to less than £42.5k. Read more here: …

20.11.2018 4:32 pm

(@Paradigm_Mtgs): Our Affordability Stress Testing showing the lending capacity for #FirstTimeBuyers & #NextTimeBuyers is now available on the #Paradigm website! Follow the link to the newsletters page: … #mortgages #intermediaries #Paradigm

20.11.2018 3:32 pm

(@Paradigm_Mtgs): The Nottingham have updated their criteria with immediate effect. They can now accept applications on BTL flats with the below criteria considerations: •Up to 65% LTV •£500k maximum loan •35 year maximum term Find out more from @NottinghamBSInt: …

20.11.2018 11:49 am

(@Paradigm_Mtgs): Paradigm are delighted to announce that we have secured a new pricing structure with @whenyoumove. It will be the most competitive in the market, whilst still allowing you to earn the same referral fee and with the same great benefits! Find out more here: …

20.11.2018 11:00 am


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